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Non-fiction (travel)
Published in March 2014, this guide is now available at major online bookstores. For details of this richly illustrated guide, go to
This guide to 45 Top Historic & Prehistoric Sites in Central and Northern Scotland will be published in 2018.
This guide to 30 top historic and prehistoric sites in Scotland's Northern and Western Isles will be published in early 2015.
A guide to 25 million acres of California's lush, scenic, and diverse desert.
Non-fiction (Young Adult)
ďAn excellent book for preteens. . . a guide to the geology, history, prehistory, wildlife, and plants of that fascinating region.Ē
- Arizona Highways

One traveler's unexpected journey

A non-fiction writer since her teens, Lynne Fosterís first book, Mountaineering Basics, appeared in the early 1980s. Since then, she has had several more books published, including: Adventuring in the California Desert, Exploring the Grand Canyon, and Take a Hike! The Sierra Club Kidsí Guide to Hiking & Backpacking. Her latest book is Wonders of Southern Scotland: A Guide to 35 Top Historic & Prehistoric Sites., published in March 2014. Close behind are two more regional guides: Wonders of Central & Northern Scotland and Wonders of Scotland's Western & Northern Isles.

After winning several high school essay contests and acquiring the necessary university degrees, Ms. Foster had a number of professional lives. In the dark ages of her first youth, she was a microbiologist. Later she came to the precarious profession of freelance writer via several serendipitous subprofessions -- freelance editor, newsletter editor, medical editor, managing editor of a linguistics journal, and college English instructor. Eventually she tired of editing other peopleís books and decided to write her own.

The daughter of peripatetic parents, Ms. Foster confesses that her home-grown travel addiction has gotten the best of her during the past few decades. During this time, she has been casting her modest royalty income to the four winds and has traveled extensively in Britain, Egypt, Ireland, the American southwest, and Alaska.

Between trips to research travel guides, Ms. Fosterís spare time is whiled away giving presentations on her books and travels or volunteering as newsletter editor for her regional Sierra Club chapter.

Ms. Foster is a member of The Authorsí Guild, The Society of Authors (UK), The Society of Childrenís Book Writers & Illustrators, and The American Association of University Women.
The author on a recent research trip to Scotland.

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