Lynne Foster

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Non-fiction (travel)
A guide to Southern Scotland through the history and prehistory of 35 top, don't-miss places of interest. Publication date: March 2014.
Non-Fiction (travel)
A guide to 25 million acres of California's lush, scenic, and diverse desert.
Three guides to unforgettable journeys through Scotland's history and prehistory. The guide to Southern Scotland will be published in March 2014. The guides to Northern & Central Scotland and to Scotland's Northern & Western Isles are TBA later in 2014
Non-fiction (Young Adult)
ďAn excellent book for preteens. . . a guide to the geology, history, prehistory, wildlife, and plants of that fascinating region.Ē
- Arizona Highways

Adventuring in the
California Desert

A Sierra Club Travel Guide

Stretching 100 miles east to west and 240 miles north to south, the California desert offers a rich diversity of natural attractions, including 600-toot-high sand dunes, spectacular granite peaks, extinct volcanoes, countless miles of wildflower displays, and over 2000 species of plants and 500 species of animals.

Special features include:

Outdoor recreational opportunities, from car touring, birdwatching, and exploring Native American and pioneer historical sites and desert museums, to day hikes, backpacking and peak climbs, classified by degree of difficulty

Detailed descriptions of each regionís natural, geologic, and human history, plus plant and animal identification

Tips on desert safety and survival, weather conditions, clothing and equipment, and special requirements for travel by car

Area maps and access information, suggested tours, lists of public campgrounds and conservation organizations, and facilities for food, water, and gas.

Adventuring in the California Desert is ideal for travelers who want to experience the unique sights and sounds of their desert destination without harming its fragile environment.

ISBN 0-87156-394-0

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