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Non-fiction (travel)
A guide to Southern Scotland through the history and prehistory of 35 top, don't-miss places of interest. Publication date: March 2014.
Non-Fiction (travel)
A guide to 25 million acres of California's lush, scenic, and diverse desert.
Three guides to unforgettable journeys through Scotland's history and prehistory. The guide to Southern Scotland will be published in March 2014. The guides to Northern & Central Scotland and to Scotland's Northern & Western Isles are TBA later in 2014
Non-fiction (Young Adult)
“An excellent book for preteens. . . a guide to the geology, history, prehistory, wildlife, and plants of that fascinating region.”
- Arizona Highways

Lynne's Excellent Adventures, Fall 2009

October 5, 2009

Tags: London, British Airways, Face of Opportunity, Scotland, Travel, photography, October 2009, winner

UPDATE: In September 2009, I became one of a number of winners of the British Airways Face of Opportunity competition, which is awarding free trips to London and beyond. I entered because I thought there ought to be some freelance authors with very modest track records in the group of business people. It never occurred to me that I might become a "winner."

For the competition, entrants had to write (more…)
The handout postcard I used for the trip.

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