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Non-fiction (travel)
A guide to Southern Scotland through the history and prehistory of 35 top, don't-miss places of interest. Publication date: March 2014.
Non-Fiction (travel)
A guide to 25 million acres of California's lush, scenic, and diverse desert.
Three guides to unforgettable journeys through Scotland's history and prehistory. The guide to Southern Scotland will be published in March 2014. The guides to Northern & Central Scotland and to Scotland's Northern & Western Isles are TBA later in 2014
Non-fiction (Young Adult)
“An excellent book for preteens. . . a guide to the geology, history, prehistory, wildlife, and plants of that fascinating region.”
- Arizona Highways

Travel Guides for Arizona, California, & Scotland

WONDERS OF SOUTHERN SCOTLAND: A Guide to 35 Top Historic & Prehistoric Sites
The first of three regional guides to be published in quick succession, Wonders of Southern Scotland covers the area between the southern border of Scotland and Edinburgh. It was difficult to choose just 35 sites out of a great many more I have visited over the past 15 years or so, but these are among my favorites.

Keep in mind that these 35 are not "THE Top 35 Sites" but, instead, are "35 TOP Sites." That is, sites I think most people (and their children) will enjoy. They range from beautifully furnished castles to early historic military and industrial sites to remote (though easily accessible) prehistoric sites. Bon voyage!

Publication date: June 2013.

Revised and updated, this is the most comprehensive guide available to nine specific California desert regions, ranging from alpine snow fields to barren salt playas, and including such popular areas as: Death Valley National Park, Joshua Tree National Park, Mojave National Preserve, Saline Valley, White Mountains, Antelope Valley, Palm Springs, Anza-Borrego, and many more.

EXPLORING THE GRAND CANYON: Adventures of Yesterday and Today
“Winner of the National Park Service Award of Excellence. . . [it] explore[s] this famous national park in a lively yet comprehensive way.”
- Arizona Media

Clear, readable description of the formation of the Grand Canyon through geologic time . . . an engaging account of how people and the canyon have interacted.”
- Booklist

WONDERS OF SCOTLAND: Three Regional Guides To Top Historic & Prehistoric Places of Interest
In Scotland, history and prehistory are thick upon the ground. These guides to Southern, Central & Northern Scotland, and the Western & Northern Isles of Scotland are for travelers who want to see for themselves how Scotland's history all fits together.

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